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Zip Bags
   Ultra Clear
  Plain 2 Mil.
  Plain 4 Mil.
  Hang Hole 2 Mil.
  Hang Hole 4 Mil.
  Hang & Vent 2 Mil.
  White Block 2 Mil.
  Stand-Up Pouch
  Plain 2 Mil.
  Plain 4 Mil.
  Plain 6 Mil.
  White Block 2 Mil.
  White Block 4 Mil.
  Hang Hole 2 Mil.
  Hang Hole 4 Mil.
  Hang & Vent Hole 2 Mil.
  Slide Seal Zipper
  Bubble Zip Bags
  Stand-Up Pouch

Clear Plastic
Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is the most commonly used and preferred plastic for zip bags. We also offer a large selection of Ultra Clear Polypropylene (BOPP) zip top bags.

All CustomZip® bags are available pre-opened at no extra charge.

No Saddle Back Bags
"Saddle back bags" refers to bags that are produced two at a time connected to each other above the zipper. The end user is required to separate the bags by hand. All CustomZip bags are separated and packed ready to use at no extra charge.

No Laminated Zippers
All CustomZip zip top bags use one-piece molded zippers for strength and dependability.
polypro bags Zip Bags (Ultra Clear)
Plain 4 Mil
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Plain   4.0 Mil
Size (W"xL")
2 x 2 17.99 Buy
2 x 3 21.99 Buy
2.5 x 3 24.99 Buy
3 x 3 24.99 Buy
3 x 4 26.99 Buy
3 x 5 31.99 Buy
4 x 4 33.99 Buy
4 x 6 39.99 Buy
5 x 8 66.99 Buy
6 x 9 79.99 Buy


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